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 Self-Care for Boss Babes

As a woman and business owner, you wear many hats. Not only are you in charge of things at work, but you may also have a family that relies on you for support and guidance. But, when do you take time for yourself? You probably don’t. It’s time that changes, and the advice below can help you reprioritize your life so that you fuel yourself first.

Exercise as Self-Care

If you’re not big on going to the gym, you probably think you hate exercise. But, once you get yourself moving, you’ll most likely find that exercise is the greatest addiction you’ll ever have. According to Evergreen Rehab & Wellness, exercise is great for both your physical and mental health as it increases your self-confidence and helps you sleep better. If you think you don’t have time to focus on fitness, you’re wrong. There are many ways to stay fit even from home.

Self-Care in the Form of Less Stress

Self-care is more than just exercise. When you’re a business owner, you have to take your self-care efforts to the office with you. One way to do this is to ensure that your business has enough money to operate effectively. If necessary, you may have to take a personal pay cut or reduce your employees’ hours. But, there are other ways to inject cash into your company. One example: business grants. You might be eligible for any number of grants to help you get back on financial track. Do keep in mind that, even if you’re seeking a grant specific to your industry, you will need to have a great business plan and draft an interest-garnering grant application.

Supportive Surroundings

Support is another important element in how we feel as both women and entrepreneurs. Debra O’Shea, a psychologist specializing in anxiety, notes that having a strong support system promotes a sense of belonging while reducing stress. It’s also a great way to receive emotional support and boost your self-esteem. But, how do you build a network? Start with your friends and family, but also don’t be afraid to mix and mingle with other lady entrepreneurs.

Other Self-Care Tips for Busy Business Owners

●      Take a healthy lunch to work with you. Even if you choose a simple sandwich, you can use whole-grain bread and low-fat mayonnaise instead of white bread and heavy dressings. You have plenty of options that don’t involve the drive-through.

●      Get at least eight hours asleep. Between seven and eight hours of sleep each night is what your body needs for optimal health.

●      Take a vacation. An extended sabbatical is equally effective in helping you reset and refresh. Shoot for a vacation of a minimum of eight days in a row at least once each year, and don’t forget to spend time with yourself overnight every once in a while.

●      Relocate. If you’re running a home business and don’t have enough space to run your business efficiently, it may be time to find larger accommodations. Thankfully, there are thousands of homes for rent in Charlotte. View properties online and filter by price, square footage, and amenities.

Being a woman and an entrepreneur takes work. So does self-care. These two parts of your life will fuel each other, but you have to make sure to prioritize taking care of yourself so that you can be at your very best when you have on your boss hat.

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