My Coaching Services

Thank you for your interest in my personal coaching services. I offer 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone/computer with or without video. On this page, you will find more information as well as
frequently asked questions

Why Should I Work With You As My Coach?

With an estimated 50,000 coaches worldwide, you have many choices. What is probably different about me compared to many coaches is that I don’t do it for the money but rather because I enjoy helping others.

Also, if you have any interest in starting a business, improving your business, or getting better at your job, I have a proven track record of success that you can read about on the About page.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

It is up to you; I don’t believe in “locking people in” or requiring a minimum number of sessions. It will depend on what you want to accomplish, where your goals fit in as a priority in your life, and your budget.

Some people have one session and then have enough work to do for a month; others prefer more frequent sessions.

What Happens After I Purchase Coaching?

You will be sent a link to schedule your call on a day and at a time that works for you. 

Once your request is confirmed, you will receive a meeting link for the call. You can call by phone or over your computer at the scheduled time.

If it is our first call, a questionnaire will be sent to help focus the agenda for the first call and make the best use of our time.

Will There Be Homework After The Call?

Leaving a coaching call without an Action Plan would be a waste of time. That said, it is up to you how much time and energy you want to allocate to your goals between calls.

As a coach, I follow your lead

Do You Offer a Free Intro Session?

No. As a success principle, I believe our time is the most valuable thing we have. How we choose to use this precious commodity will have a more significant impact on our lives than anything else.

If we get a chance to work together, how you value your time will surely be an essential part of our conversations.

I do offer a lower cost introductory session

In What Areas Can You Help Me?

Personal Coaching is based on assisting you in getting from where you are today to where you want to be. As Marshall Goldsmith said, “what got you here won’t get you there.” Change begins with your thoughts and leads to your actions.

Work, health, relationships, family, finances, time management, stress management, and many other areas can be improved with Life Coaching.

In this article, we discuss how a coach can help with the challenges of finding a balance between your work life and personal life. 

Can I Get a Recording Of Our Call?

Yes. It is an optional service that I recommend considering.

In a 45 minute call, a lot of valuable information can be discussed. Having a recording to review will allow you to fully engage on the call and not worry about taking notes.

What Is The Next Step?

Visit our Get Started Page.

You can learn more about the Introductory Session and decide if you would like to sign up for it.

Your personal information is always protected and kept private.


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