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Alan Aronoff is the Shift Life Coach.

A Certified Professional Coach, with a proven track record of success in business, a well-balanced personal life, and a spiritual center.

Alan enjoys working with people to help them fulfill their potential and accomplish their goals.

In this video, Alan will provide a quick introduction to the 4W Coaching Process.

He developed this to help clients stay focused and get results quickly.

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After graduating from Monmouth College (1982) with a degree in Sociology, Alan spent several years as an officer in the U.S. Army.

His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business led to him founding the national background check company – U.S. Information Search.

As CEO of U.S. Information Search, Alan honed his skills in management, technology, and legal compliance. After 20 years of building the business, Alan sold U.S. Information Search to a large competitor in 2018.

Following the sale of U.S. Information Search, Alan founded became Senior Partner with his purchase of the Virtual Reality technology company maverickvr.com.

With his organizational abilities and drive to help others, Alan makes assisting others through coaching a priority while managing his businesses.

With his interest in helping others with their challenges related to food and other stubborn habits, Alan authored Diet Success Strategies.

In his younger days, Alan made hundreds of Skydives, was active in motorcycle racing and went skiing all over the world.

As older bones do not heal so quickly, Alan has transitioned many of his activities. He enjoys meditation and Tai Chi where after years of practice, there continues to be an unlimited potential for growth.

Alan lives with his family and dog, Archie, in Charlotte, NC.

What I Have Learned

In this section, I share a few notes that may be helpful in learning more about me. 

In College

In college, I learned how to be part of a crowd without relinquishing my goals, priorities, and control of my schedule.

As a Captain In The Army

At the age of 25, I was responsible for the lives of 250 men and women. I learned that true power comes from a place of quiet confidence.

I learned how to be in charge and be the final decision maker while seeking input from subordinates who were many years older and had more military experience.

In Coaching School

Providing hundreds of hours of training over a nine-month period, I believe IPEC is the leading coaching school.

I learned the art of deep listening where the clues are found to helping someone sustain change.

I learned that we all naturally believe that other people think the same way that we do and that often nothing is further from the truth.

In Relationships

In relationships, I learned that, above all, we should wisely choose who we spend time with, what we say and don’t say.

I have learned that we must practice appreciating and respecting our differences.

In Business

In business, I have learned the answer to any question is available on the Internet. So do your research and then make a decision.

Success is more often found in continuous efforts rather than waiting until you are sure you have it right.

Illustration of goal setting diagram

Why I Coach…

In just about every area of my life, it has been a process of trial and error. Like most people, I was focused, then distracted, and often not clear on what I wanted. Rather than a straight line from point A to B, most often, it was a road with many detours.

I don’t think having a coach makes your life simple. However, now that I know how coaching works, I wish I had one many years ago; I believe I would have avoided a lot of aggravation.

I enjoy working with others to help them stay on their path wherever it may lead,



Robert P – New York, NY
I worked with Alan for 6 months. My biggest challenges were with my career, but I would say my family relationships were not something I would brag about. When I first heard that there were coaches, it made sense to me, but I procrastinated as I do on many things because there were so many choices I would do some research and then let it slide. When I found Alan, he differed from a lot of Coaches. I did not want a Coach who talked about all their success and then could not show anything. I was very impressed with Alan’s business success and thought he might help me with my stalled career. I made a good choice. Alan helped me stay focused on the challenges in front of me and keep me from getting sidetracked. I can really say the results were a significant improvement in my career and in my marriage. A little communication goes a long way.

Jenna R – Charlotte NC
Alan is a great Coach. I actually tried 3 coaches before him. One was condescending, one was just like a friend, and I have enough of those, and one was a little too rah, rah for me. I figured I would try one more and then forget it. Alan showed me that there really is such a thing as a coaching process and how it can be successful with making changes in your life.

Susan O – Charleston SC
I love Alan because he differs from many Coaches as he does not NEED to Coach but loves to Coach. A couple of other Coaches I interviewed were just too into pushing their packages saying that I needed so many sessions for this to work and that I should make a commitment. I felt that Alan was first and foremost about helping me change my thinking so that i could mostly Coach myself and that he is there as much or as little as I need him.

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