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It has never been easier to start a business. Home-based businesses are a perfect choice for seniors because they don’t require a lot of capital upfront to get started, and they work for those who might have mobility issues.

At boomerbiz.org, seniors are encouraged to go for it and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams!

All of that said, we know that starting a business can be intimidating, whether you’re 25 or 65. To provide some guidance, the following are:

3 Steps to Home Business Success for Seniors

If you’re a senior looking to become an entrepreneur, there are simple steps you can take to get you on the path to home business success.

With little capital needed to start many home-based businesses, they are an excellent option that can earn you a pretty penny.

Follow the steps below, and reach out to The Shift Life Coach for one-on-one coaching to propel your business forward!

1. Decide What Your Business Will Be

With the explosion of worldwide internet connectivity, there have never been more options for home-based businesses, so research the various options available if you don’t have one in mind. Many don’t require you to store inventory, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about open space or handling goods.

If you held a position where you became an expert on a particular subject, consider being a home-based consultant or coach. You can meet with clients over video chat, create videos to discuss various aspects of your understanding, and share your knowledge on a website or in a newsletter. It’s never been easier to monetize videos or blogs, so be sure to research ways to do so successfully.

2. Get Connected

Regardless of your chosen endeavor, a significant concern will be making sure you have broadband internet capable of handling your business needs.

The nature of home businesses in today’s technologically savvy world means that your success will in large part depend on your online presence. At a minimum, you will need a website for your business that showcases who you are and what kind of goods or services you are selling. You can use many platforms for a modest fee or for free that will host your website to have a place where customers can check out your business and connect with you.

social media presence has never been more critical for small businesses. There are a few more effective ways to reach customers and build brand recognition than Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Sign up for business accounts on your social media of choice and invite your friends and family to follow them. The more interactions your posts get, the more potential customers you will reach, so encourage people to follow your pages and share your posts regularly.

Feature your website on your social media accounts and link to those accounts on your website. Create a signature for your business email that includes your website and social media pages. The more connectivity you can create between them, the better.

3. Protect Yourself

Starting a business isn’t without risks, so consider forming a limited liability company or LLC. Doing so helps protect you and your assets in case something should go awry with your new business. Using an online formation service ensures a quick, worry-free process. Because rules can vary from state to state, check your state’s regulations before filing.

It can be tricky branching out into something new, but it can also be gratifying. Figure out what you want to do, create an online presence worthy of your big business goals, and protect you and your assets so you can be confident you’ve done everything to make your home business a success.